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    Neighbourblog is an online social networking site with a difference. The difference is that it's designed with YOU and your NEIGHBOURHOOD in mind. Here you can meet others who live in your area and discuss local issues. Become part of the online community that helps you discover more about the one you live in.

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    Connecting online with neighbours unites people who may not necessarily get the chance to meet face to face, despite living in the same area. And doing so reaps many rewards. Learn from other residents how things work in your neighbourhood.

    London Blog

    In today's busy society, we're all guilty of not making enough of an effort with our neighbours. From long working hours to irregular shift patterns it is not uncommon to go for weeks, if not months on end without chatting to those who live around you.

    But just think what you could be missing out on. Here at Neighbour Blog we know that encouraging people to speak more with their neighbours is likely to fall on deaf ears. We live in a technology led world, which is why, through our London blog, we aim to put those who live near each other in touch in a more convenient way.

    Through using our unique free neighbourhood forum you can keep up to date with the latest happenings in your area, including local government decisions. Whether you want to discuss recent changes, find out more about your area, or just look to get more acquainted with your neighbours, logging into your local North London blog or forum could make a noticeable difference to your everyday lifestyle.

    It's also completely free to sign up. Registering is easy too, simply just select a username and password and get using your neighbourhood blog! Join today to take advantage of this unique forum which allows you to communicate with your fellow neighbours in a convenient and easy way.

    London Forum

    Moving to a new area can be daunting. Aside from being unfamiliar with your surroundings, it can be easy to feel isolated when you don't know anyone. Small practical tasks like putting the rubbish out or making a doctors appointment are impossible without the right information.

    Using our East London forum or blog however can put you in touch with those in your area who can help. As well as finding out useful details about local recycling, or milk delivering for example it can be nice just to have someone nearby to talk to.

    Using a Londoners blog is also a great way of finding out about local schools. Perhaps you have children approaching the end of secondary school and you want some local opinions on the best secondary schools? Why not use a South London blog or forum to hear some first-hand accounts of the best education facilities.

    Neighbourhood Forum

    Perhaps you've lived in your current location for a while but you haven't got around to exploring your local community as much as you had intended? Using a London forum can help you get to know those around you a little better as well as help you discover local clubs and classes to develop your social life. Once you get chatting to other bloggers you may even be able to arrange lift sharing.

    Or maybe there's something within your local area that you aren't happy about? Search for other similar like-minded people through a West London blog or forum and discuss how you could make things better. If your local area has problems with anti-social behaviour, talk with your neighbours about how to tackle the issue. We're all guilty of having a little moan from time to time, so why not take the opportunity to make a difference?